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HOW TO SHOP WITH US? is an online portal where you can get an arranged display of vegetables, meat products, fruits and other food stuffs. Making an order with is really very easy. A novice with little Facebook knowledge can place an order and enjoy the free delivery at home.

As a new user in you have to follow following steps to order with us:

Step 1: Click on any item you would like to shop that is on the display. You have a dropdown option to select the quantity of item you need. Or you can make search for the item you are trying to find from the search field available in the upper (header) part.

Step 2: You come to the log-in page now. Please proceed with your Email address and password that you have already used for sign-up. If you havenot signed up yet, have a look at the left section and click " Register metrotarkari account ".

Step 3 : Go on with the details in the new registration page and click register now button.

Step 5 : Now You Place an order of your Items which are added to your Cart. If you want to Recieve the items on diffrent location then there is option of deliver to next Location