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Well Come To Metro Tarkari


Busy routine, rush-hours and hectic markets are unsettling people from trouble free reach to hygienic and fresh foods. provides a highly managed hassle-free online market where you can get fresh items be it vegetables, fruits, meat products, dairy products, sprouts or any other food you name within your clicks.

We are one stop place to your need of fresh foods delivered to you with proper quality in desired time frame adding value to your foodstuff, supplying the best out of fresh items and mouth-watering organic products. Get into amazing deal with farm fresh products at your doorstep delivered free of cost. Yes you are right; we deliver at your doorstep without delivery cost.


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Anil Basnet


Humbal Shahi Thakuri


Nares K. Khanal

Business Partner/ CFO

Ishwor Acharya

Co-Founder/USA Correspondant

Nitin Sharma

Co-Founder/Social Media Manager

Laxman Pokhrel

Business Partner/Strategic Partner

Karun Panta

Business Partner/Operational Manager

Hemanta Basnet

Managing Director

Asesh Karki

Business Development Officer

Surya Khatiwada

Finance Officer

Anish Basnet

Australia Correspondent

Mitra Lal Pardey

Europe Correspondent

Bhim Pd Chimariya

Japan Correspondent

Samrakchan Ghimire

App Developer

Bunu BK

Customer Relationship Officer

Yalan Pradhan

Logistic Officer

Ramesh Basnet

Logistic Officer

Neha Awale

Finance Officer

Shrijana Rana

Logistic Officer

Giri Raj Pokhrel

Logistic Officer